Host-microbe protein-protein interaction by interface mimicry
Predict Host-Microbe Interactions
HMI-PRED 2.0 predicts microbial target proteins based on interface mimicry. Assume two proteins with a similar surface patch (interface). One of them is known to interact with a target protein by attaching the surface patch to the target. Then, it is possible that the other protein having a similar patch also interacts with the same target. This is interface mimicry, the core concept behind HMI-PRED 2.0. Interface mimicry is an efficient strategy: it allows microbes to affect hosts without strong sequence homology or global structural similarity. Learn More
User guide
HMI-PRED 2.0 predicts protein-protein interactions based on interface mimicry. Surface matching, filtering, docking, and refinements are crucial parts of the prediction process.
Using HMI-PRED 2.0 is as simple as a few clicks. The only required input is the microbial protein PDB ID. Advanced users can query their own microbe proteins, choose template sets, and control filtering parameters.
Have many HMI-PRED 2.0 tasks to manage? All your tasks and progresses are accessible on a single page, so no needed to keep the unique URLs for each task. Registration is required to use this function.
HMI-PRED 2.0 Database
Modeled structure database (AlphaFold 2)
We modeled a large number of microbial protein structures using AlphaFold 2, the state-of-the-art computational method for modeling protein structures. While our main aim is to predict host-microbe interactions, we also provide download options for the modeled proteins. Download AF2 models
Predicted HMI database
HMI-PRED 2.0 predictions with known PDB IDs for both microbe and template are public. Public predictions are stored in our database and available for search and download. Go to HMI database Download HMIs
Template database
HMI-PRED 2.0 predictions are based on the known protein-protein complexes and their interaction interfaces. Templates are viewable and downloadable. Go to template database Download templates